Re: Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney When Arrest for Drunk Driving?

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney When Arrest for
Drunk Driving?

Did you know some traffic offenses fall under the criminal
law? You may be arrested for a simple crime but after some time, things get out
of hand and you may end up serving serious time behind bars. For example, drugs
may be found in your trunk later on. Though you will rarely need a criminal defense attorney San Diego when arrest for drunk
driving, ask the arresting officer about your charges.

Naturally, the law firm you contact will tell you to hire an
attorney that defends drunk drivers. What most attorneys will not tell you is
that driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense. If not handled
properly, it may have a negative impact on your future and employment. If you
are being arrested for causing an accident, the best path to take is that of
working with the best criminal defense attorney San Diego.

Traffic laws have changed

A few decades ago, with the help of a criminal defense attorney San Diego, it was possible to plead to
lesser charges or simply pay a fine and walk home after being arrested for
drunk driving. This, however, changed when all the 50 states passed the Drunk
Driving per se and other laws. These laws call for mandatory adjudication for
anyone arrested for intoxicated driving. According to this law, if your
blood-alcohol content was more than 0.08 when being arrested, you are guilty of
driving while intoxicated. This is regardless of whether you were staggering or

What will the attorney do?

Get you ready

It is good to hire a criminal
defense attorney San Diego
after being arrested for drunk driving or for
other serious traffic offenses. Do not be tempted to represent yourself. The
attorney will ensure you are prepared to go to court. He will help you
understand the traffic offense you are being charged with and help you complete
the necessary requirements before heading to court.

Getting insurance and paying fees

The attorney will help you get insurance such as the SR-22
auto insurance and file the proper forms with the motor vehicles. In addition
to helping you with the case, the criminal
defense attorney San Diego
will offer assistance in completing all
necessary programs required by the state. Generally speaking, the attorney will
guide you through the legal process using a method he knows will earn you a
fair trial and help you get all your privileges restored.

There are many attorneys to choose from in San Diego. The
downside is not all of them are worth working with. If you can afford to pay a criminal defense attorney San Diego after being arrested on a
criminal offense, hire the best you can find. However, if you are strapped for
cash, request for a court assigned attorney. Do not risk representing yourself.
The law can be complicated. When representing yourself, you might end up
causing more harm than good. Get legal counsel. Always contact an attorney as
soon as possible even before you are interviewed by the police.

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