How to Find a Good Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If you are looking for an appellate criminal attorney San Diego, it means you were probably convicted of a crime after you pleaded guilty or after the trial. If not, you know someone who needs a criminal appeals lawyer and want to help him or her out. The first and the most important thing to do is to find a criminal defense attorney San Diego that you can really rely on; a lawyer that will give you the much deserved peace of mind. There are a few steps involved in finding a good federal criminal lawyer San Diego.

Why hire an appellate lawyer?

This is the first question that people ask. There is a huge difference between a criminal defense attorney San Diego and the rest. He understands the process of an appeal and he will help you double your odds of success.

Where to start

Your starting point should always be finding a reputable appellate criminal attorney San Diego to interview. You need to make a list of good lawyers. In addition to doing an Internet search for great lawyers, you should consider asking your present lawyer for a recommendation of a great federal criminal lawyer San Diego. Ask him or her for at least three criminal appeal lawyers you can depend on. You should also ask for recommendations from your lawyer friends and from people who have worked with a criminal defense attorney San Diego before. This will give you a list of names to interview.

How to evaluate a lawyer

The evaluation stage is the trickiest. If you do not know what to look for in an appellate criminal attorney San Diego, you might end up ignoring the best there is in the city. When evaluating the criminal appeals lawyer, pay attention to his experience in relation to your case, fees, and what his former clients say about his or her practice. You should also ask for at least two briefs he has written recently and ask your personal lawyer to review the written product. Your lawyer will give you his opinion on the criminal appeals lawyer you are considering. Moreover, if you can access a legal research service, input the name of the federal criminal lawyer San Diego and see how many hits you will get; the more the hits the better.

Which is better, flat fee or hourly rate?

The best way to answer this question is to discuss the case with the appellate criminal attorney San Diego. The charges are based on a number of things ranging from the duration of the trial to the availability of prepared transcripts and then some. Whether a notice of appeal was filed on time or not will also matter to the criminal defense attorney, San Diego.

The cost of an appeal when working with a good criminal defense attorney, San Diego, may fall between $10,000 and $150,000. It may be more depending on how complex the case is and the reputation of the criminal appeals lawyer. Generally speaking, a flat fee makes more sense when it comes to an appeal.

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