Federal Criminal Lawyer San Diego- What makes Up a Sex Crime?

Federal Criminal Lawyer San Diego

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What Makes Up a Sex Crime?
Did you know force or threats don’t have to be involved for a sex crime to be committed? You should get a good criminal defense attorney San Diego once charged with a sexual offense. This is regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty. So, what is a sex crime? A sex crime takes place where the offender knowingly causes another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or by threatening. Both the state and the federal government prosecute sex crimes. Cases that cross over to the federal level attract severe penalties and are more severe. It will save you a lot to hire a federal criminal lawyer San Diego as soon as possible.

Sex crimes don’t always involve the use of force
At the first mention of a sex crime, the first thing that comes in mind is rape. Though rape is a severe crime, there are many more offenses that constitute a sex crime. Crimes that top the list are child molestation and statutory rape. These crimes are illegal because victims are not able to consent legally. Disability also falls under this category. So even if somebody hints that you committed a sex crime involving minors or people with disabilities, you should consider getting yourself a federal criminal lawyer San Diego as soon as possible.

It is also important to note that some crimes are illegal even when consent is given by an adult. Some of such crimes are incest and prostitution. Your federal criminal lawyer San Diego will make you aware of other complex sex crimes such as those involving the possession of child pornography.

Sexting crimes
Sexting is a relatively new sex crime. It involves minors sending sexually explicit photographs to other people by cell phone. Due to the newness of this crime, sexting crimes are more often than not prosecuted as crimes under the child photography laws. You should consider getting a good federal criminal lawyer San Diego if you or your child is charged with this crime.

Sex crime penalties
The penalties for a sex crime can be very severe. They include both imprisonment and fines. Some States like California have a penalty that involves chemical castration of a repeat offender. Though some crimes are misdemeanors, some are felonies and may cause you to be sentenced for years or decades or even a lifetime. You should get a reputable federal criminal lawyer San Diego to represent you. In most cases, there are mandatory minimum sentences that the judges must pass for sex crimes.

Some offenders must get registered after their release
The key reason you need to get a federal criminal lawyer San Diego is because in some crimes, you must get registered after paying fines or serving jail time. This means everybody will know of your crime and your physical address and where you work. This is common after being convicted of non-consensual sex crimes.

Just as sexual offenses are intolerable, so are the penalties. Talk to a reputable federal criminal lawyer San Diego for more information on sex crimes. If arrested, get help as soon as possible.

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