Federal criminal lawyer San Diego - What exactly is a Crime?

A Federal criminal lawyer San Diego can help you get a fair deal even when being charged with the severest of crimes. The problem is people hire a federal criminal lawyer San Diego late. The best time to hire a criminal defense attorney San Diego is as soon as you are arrested. By so doing, the attorney will help you
build a strong case for yourself long before you go on trial. Understanding a criminal offense could help you know when you should hire an attorney.There are two main categories of crime

Property crime Violent crime

Property crime
Just as the phrase states, the property crime is any crime committed when one damages, steals, or destroys another person’s property. This may include stealing a car or vandalizing a building. In the United States, the property crimes are the most common. You should consult with a federal criminal lawyer San Diego when charged with any property crime.

Violent crimes
This category of crimes covers crimes that occur when a person harms or attempts to harm or threatens to harm or conspires to harm another person or persons. The violent crimes involve force or threat of force like robbery, rape, or homicide. You should seriously consider hiring the best federal criminal lawyer San Diego if charged with these crimes.

Some crimes are both property and violent crimes. A good example of such crimes is carjacking a car at gunpoint or robbing a store with a gun.

Omission can also be a crime
There are certain crimes that are neither involve property damage nor violent. Running a stop sign is a good example. This crime puts the public in danger even where nobody is injured and no property is damaged.

There are also crimes that involve no action. Neglect or withholding medication is a crime. In some circumstances, if you know someone that is abusing a child and you don’t report it, you might be charged with a crime for not acting.

Federal, state and local laws The society decides what is and is not a crime. In the United States, all citizens are subject to three separate systems of laws.

Federal laws
These are laws passed by the congress. They apply to everyone in the United States. Some of these laws conflict with the state and local laws. When there is a conflict, the federal laws prevail. A federal criminal lawyer San Diego is the best lawyer to hire if charged under the federal laws.

State laws
These are laws passed by the legislators. They vary from one state to another.

Local laws
These are also known as ordinances. They are passed by the local county or the city governing bodies. These laws control how residents should behave within the community like slowing down in all school zones and disposing the trash properly.

As you may have realized, you may at times be charged with crimes you didn’t know you committed. It is important to hire a good federal criminal lawyer San Diego when this happens. The attorney will help you avoid serious penalties.

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