Federal criminal lawyer San Diego - Sentencing Stages of Criminal Cases

A Federal criminal lawyer San Diego is the first person
you should hire when arrested on criminal charges. This is regardless
of how bogus the charges are. Often times, when people opt to
representing themselves in court, they end up causing more problems due
to contradictions. This may lead to a severe sentencing by the court. A
good federal criminal lawyer San Diego will give you all the legal counsel you need. Away from that, let us look at the sentencing stage of criminal cases.If you are a defendant and you plead guilty or if the jury finds you
guilty, you will face sentencing by the judge. Punishment for your
actions is determined by the severity of the crime you are accused of. A
good federal criminal lawyer San Diego
will help you lessen the seriousness of your case or even help you cut a
deal that will see you walk out of court free. The criminal defense
attorney San Diego understands the law and how the court works and he
will guide you through a path that will result in less severe
consequences.The sentencing stages of a criminal case are as follows.
Presentencing report
When you plead guilty, as part of a plea deal or not, the sentencing
will be done immediately. This is common where the crime is a
misdemeanor or an infraction. Always consult the federal criminal lawyer San Diego
before pleading guilty. On the other hand, if the crime is a felony and
you face serious prison time, the judge will delay sentencing to hear
from the defense, prosecution and to receive a presentencing report
which is given by the local probation department.

Victim impact statements
Prior to sentencing, the judge has to hear the statements from the
victim. The victim’s statements can have a major influence on the
sentence passed by the judge. A good federal criminal lawyer San Diego will help mitigate the impact of such statements.

Possible punishment
During sentencing, the judge has many options when it comes to
punishment. The options can be imposed singularly or in combination.
Common punishments include:

Paying a finePaying restitution to the victim Serving time in jail or prison Serving a time on probation Doing community service Completing counseling, treatment program or education

Discretion in sentencing
There are laws that require mandatory sentencing for certain crimes like child molestation. The federal criminal lawyer San Diego will make you aware of such cases. In other cases, the judge has a wide discretion in how he sentences a victim.

Factors influencing final sentencing

Whether you are a repeat offender or notWhether someone was injured during the crime or notWhether you express genuine regret or remorseNature of the crimeStatements from the victim
Your character and background

The severity of a sentence is mostly influenced by how well you
present your case in court. Therefore, if you fear the punishment for
your crime will be severe, consider hiring the most qualified federal criminal lawyer San Diego.
The more experienced and competent an attorney is the better. Never
leave your freedom to chance when it comes to criminal cases.

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