Federal Criminal Lawyer San Diego - Innocent Defendant

There are times when you are arrest for being at the wrong place at the wrong time; a time when all the evidence points at you. When this happens, the prosecutor may be convinced and proceed to file criminal charges. The important thing to do, regardless of how many alibis you have, is to hire an experienced federal criminal lawyer San Diego. A good lawyer will know what he can do to help you avoid a conviction. So, how can a criminal defense attorney San Diego help you avoid wrongful conviction?

Evaluate the filing documents

After an arrest, the document that gets to the prosecutor who makes the filing decisions is the police report. More often than not, this report is flawed. Considering it is only limited to the information it conveys, a good federal criminal lawyer San Diego can point out wrong facts. If the facts on the police report are specious, the criminal appeals lawyer will go to court anticipating an acquittal. Bearing in mind how stressful the criminal proceedings can be, a good attorney can help stop the case before it goes too far.

Intervene before the charges are filed

One of the main reasons why you should hire a great federal criminal lawyer San Diego as soon as possible is because of the pretrial communications. If the facts are in your favor, the attorney can intervene long before the prosecutor files criminal charges. This step may include contacting the investigating or arresting officer before the case is sent to the prosecution. He may also talk to the prosecutor before he files the charges. In less severe cases, your attorney can make sure the case never gets to the courtroom.

Opt for dismissal

More often than not, an innocent defendant will have to wait until the charges are filed before their federal criminal lawyer San Diego can be involved. All in all, this does not mean a trial is inevitable. After hiring an appellate criminal attorney San Diego, you should give him a complete overview of the case. The attorney will then dig deeper and weigh options. Armed with new facts, your attorney can convince the prosecution to dismiss the case.

Let it play its course

There are times when the wisest move is for your federal criminal lawyer San Diego to do nothing. This is especially so if there is no evidence to prove otherwise. It may take a couple of weeks or months for the prosecution to realize there is insufficient evidence to warrant a conviction. In other cases, your lawyer may just win you back your freedom.

Whether you are innocent or not, your first step should always be hiring a federal criminal lawyer San Diego you can depend on. Look at his experience, listen to what people are saying about him then make sure you are comfortable working with him. Hire your lawyer early enough because the fate of your case starts as early as the pretrial stage. What is more is that only a lawyer can do the things we discussed above.

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