Best Places to Find an Appellate Criminal Attorney San Diego

If you feel you weren’t justly sentenced, you need to get an appellate criminal attorney San Diego. This is the attorney that will help you with the appealing process and also help you find a better deal. He may negotiate with the prosecutor for a better plea bargain, find new witnesses or find a better strategy to alleviate the court’s ruling. Even so, finding the best criminal appeals lawyer is not that easy. There is a lot that goes into this. However, by knowing where to find the lawyers, you can simplify the search process.

Professional organizations

If you are looking for a reputable appellate criminal attorney San Diego, the best place to start is with the professional organizations. You can work with the criminal appeals lawyer organizations in San Diego. Call the organization that is close to you. The organization will either offer referral services or online directories.


Since time immemorial, referrals have always been the best sources of information. You can either turn to family and friends or professionals who have worked with the appellate criminal attorney San Diego before. If you know someone who has had to hire a federal criminal lawyer San Diego before, contact him and listen to what he says about the services he got. Your family lawyer will also help find a good attorney. All in all, just because a friend trusts a certain lawyer does not mean you should also trust him or her blindly. Do your research before hiring.

Courtroom observations

If you have the time, visit the local courtroom and observe how an appellate criminal attorney San Diego handles himself. This also works if you have an attorney in mind but you do not know if he is the best criminal appeals lawyer to work with. You can sit in on one of his public sessions in court to see how he works. If he or another appeals lawyer impresses you, write his/ her information down and also get a business card.


In addition to the Yellow Pages, there are quite a few directories you can use to find a good criminal defense attorney San Diego. However, thanks to the Internet, you can get the contact of even the most silent attorney in the state. Use the search engine to search for ‘appellate criminal attorney San Diego’ or ‘criminal defense attorney directory’.

Law firm websites

Visiting law firms and asking to speak with the best criminal defense attorney San Diego can be a good thing. The problem is you might be misguided if you are not careful. Therefore, visit the law firm website online before visiting it in person. On the website, focus on the customer reviews, experience and the education of an attorney.

There are many more channels you can use to find the best appellate criminal attorney San Diego. However, you should always remember that it is the choice you make that really matters. Look at different attorneys and hire the one you feel is the most competent to handle your case.

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