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Criminal Defense Attorney San Diego

The San Diego, CA, Law Office of Kurt David Hermansen can work to protect your rights if you are facing any type of criminal or federal charges.You have the right to hire a competent criminal defense attorney, and it is important that you exercise this right. Doing so can mean the difference between suffering consequences and being exonerated of all charges. If the violation in question took place in San Diego, CA, our law firm will provide you a free case evaluation. Whether the charge involves drugs, federal jurisdiction, reckless driving, or criminal appeals, we can provide a personal Criminal Defense Attorney San Diego prosecutors respect and the attention you deserve. No two cases are alike, though many precedents set in the past may be of help in your criminal defense or federal defense.

Let our attorneys devise a clever and feasible defense strategy for your case. If necessary, we can also work with San Diego investigators, experts, and other types of specialists to bring new evidence to light. At the Law Office of Kurt David Hermansen, an experienced San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer is waiting to speak with you regarding this trying time in your life.

It is natural to be nervous and confused by these matters. Don’t make any critical decisions before you speak with a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney at the Law Office of Kurt David Hermansen. Get the advice that you need to feel confident moving forward. Call our firm in San Diego, CA. We want to be of help to you.

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